RDHD Ron Dowling Home Designs

History and Overview
Ron Dowling Home Designs, located in San Antonio, Texas, began operations on October 1, 2001 as Ron Dowling Floor Designs, a sole proprietor doing residential remodeling, focusing primarily on kitchens, baths and flooring.  After six months of working with my previous employer, Terry A. Stevens Floor Designs (now Stevens Wood and Stone, doing custom, high-end tile, stone and woodwork) in Austin, Texas, Terry said my work was as good as or better than his own. With that experience, a lot of research and reading, I started my own business. Most of my work involved ceramic tile, natural stone, some framing, drywall, texture and finish out. I worked alone and contracted no help.

As work picked up from word of mouth and handing out flyers, the jobs began to involve other facets of remodeling and I was required to contract more help. I designed a new flyer in 2003 and began contracting jobs that involved just about everything. (i.e. kitchens, baths, showers and shower pans, flooring, stone work, drywall, framing, decks, patio covers, fences and even tree trimming and landscaping). I changed the business name and the flyer on January 24, 2008 and began hiring other contractors.

My biggest asset is the fact that I am a Believer and I give all the credit to God. He has blessed me with immeasurable talents and abilities, good workers with great skills and together we can do anything. I'm honest, reliable, articulate, thorough and finish the job to your satisfaction. I keep in touch from the time of the initial contact until the completion of the job and even follow up afterwards. I always answer my cell phone even if I'm 20 feet up on a ladder. Many of my customers have become my friends.

Most of my work comes from my customers who really like and appreciate the fact that I do all phases of remodeling. I’m very detail oriented and believe in completing a job without flaws.  I've only encountered 1 call back in 18 years which was easily corrected. I even paid the customer for her time to take off work while I corrected the problem.

I don't mark up the cost of materials! You pay what I pay or you buy the materials and I pick them up and bring them to the job... a savings that all my customers appreciate!

It’s difficult to compete with contractors who bid lower and don’t do a quality job.  Most people know that you get what you pay for, but they don’t know what they’re getting until they “get got” or don’t get a satisfactory job.  I take photos of every job.  The photos show, before, during and after, the craftsmanship, design, construction, detail and professionalism that I put into each and every job. Quality at its best goes into what you see and also what you don’t see. I am committed to professional quality work at an affordable price. Your home is my business.

Most of my work is in NE San Antonio and Bexar County, yet I will work in any of the neighboring counties or farther if it’s lucrative to myself and my customer. My office is at my home in NE San Antonio.